1765 Northview Blvd. #79
Eugene, Oregon 97405



Hummingbird Wholesale
Eugene, Oregon

at Nir Pearlson Architect

Hummingbird Wholesale was a complete renovation and remodel of an existing warehouse into a mixed-use facility which combines warehouse space with offices, retail and production spaces. Roughly half the space is occupied by the flagship tenant and owner: Hummingbird Wholesale. A second floor was added over half the space to give the facility extra office space.

The existing building was gutted, leaving only the existing structural frame and the roof intact. The exterior was completely resided with new highly energy efficient system, which included all new windows. New public spaces were made outdoors by "lifting" the siding to become canopies.

I was brought onto the Hummingbird Wholesale project just after the start of the construction documents. The owner, contractor and project architect had decided that the project would be divided into phases to help expedite the construction timeline. My first responsibility was to organize the phasing of the project into three phases based on the owner's and contractor's desire to phase based on exterior shell upgrades, structural, and interiors. My next task was to organize how we were going arrange the construction documents and how we were going distribute the production workload.

Another large part of my role on the project was the coordination between several consultants and design-build subcontractors. The project had two different structural engineers, an electrical engineer, a mechanical design-builder, a plumbing design-builder and a solar-energy design-builder. It was my responsibility to ensure that all the building systems worked together and were appropriately incorporated into the construction documents.

During the construction phase, I was in charge of handling the construction administration, which became quite complex as a result of the nature of the project and its phasing. The project ended up having over forty change orders, which I was responsible for coordinating and distributing the information to all affected parties as well as managing the information in-house.