1765 Northview Blvd. #79
Eugene, Oregon 97405



Osteria Sfizio
Oakway Center
Eugene, Oregon

at Arbor South Architecture

Sfizio is a modern Italian restaurant, created for Chef Rocky Maselli. The design of the interior was to present a "sleek feel of modern Italian design combined with the warmth and green sensibility of the Pacific Northwest." The central focus of the restaurant is its open kitchen and bar, where restaurant patrons can sit and watch the action of the kitchen. In the bar area, a custom designed wine display is integrated into the slatted fir theme walls. It was also the recipient of the 2010 AIA SWO First Place People's Choice Award for Interior Architecture.
I started on the project at the beginning of design development, and worked out many of the details to meet the concepts of the project architect. I also helped oversee the production of the workign drawings.